A quick update: Murphy has come to town

Murphy’s Law

Slap on an egg and bacon and turn me into a panini, this quarterback is toast. It’s only Wednesday and I feel like it should be next Monday. Mr. Murphy has had a field day with me this week, so I have to apologize for not posting my next article as scheduled. I’ll get life by the throat tomorrow and be back on track.

Additionally, I wanted to provide some resources for you to accompany the article. The research is going to take a couple days, but I’ll have it all together for Monday. I want to make sure you’ll have what you need to but the information I’ll provide into action right away.

Something of interest

One thing I will give you is a tool that I have found indispensable. If you go to www.simpleology.com you’ll find a complete suite of online tools that will take your productivity into the stratosphere. Mark Joyner provides tons of valuable systems, life hacks, and more to help you improve every aspect of your life. You should definitely check it out. The link I provided is an affiliate link, but there is tons of free content for you to use that doesn’t earn me squat. I truly believe this is life altering stuff.

You can’t completely prevent unexpected things from happening. The tools at Simpleology enable you to make the most out of your available time. There is also information to help you put Mr. Murphy’s occasional inroads into your life into perspective. At least take advantage of the free productivity tools. Mark also makes free content available to members all the time.

Right now it’s getting ready to storm, so I’ll be shutting down my computer until it’s finished. Can’t afford to lose this computer to a lightning strike. Get the hell out Murphy, you’ve visited long enough!

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