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Frank Yeager

Chief Executive

Pursuing excellence in nearly every trade in nearly every type of construction has been Frank's mission for most of his life. He has been a member of IUOE Local 66 since 1989 primarily working in the pipeline industry but also spending time in building trades and heavy/highway construction.

After founding a handyman service he performed part time for several years, he founded a construction company that he ran for six years. In that time he has done many rehab and handicap conversion projects. He opted to suspend operations when his son was born.

Also of note was his service in the U.S. Army Third Squadron, Second Armored Cavalry which included a six month deployment to Iraq for Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Provide Comfort. He and his wife Dawn have written a book, The Cardinal Rules of Specialty Customer Relations. Finally, he holds the patent for a machine attachment, the Spooler.

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Dawn L. Yeager
Vice President & CFO

Following a car accident in 1987, two weeks after graduating high school, Dawn found herself a quadriplegic. Having been a dancer, captain of the majorette squad, stage and marching band member, and prepared for a career in medicine, she was forced to change direction.

Night classes led to an MBA as well as three B.S. in Accounting, Business, and Management while maintaining a near perfect GPA. At the same time, she worked for an accountant, the FBI, and as a Chief School Business Official. On top of that, she became a wife and mother.

Now she strives to help other disabled people earn the same success she has enjoyed.

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