King’s Family Restaurant, Delmont Review

King’s Family Restaurant; 200 Sheffield Drive, Delmont, PA 15626

Wednesday, September 21, 2016; 10:00 A.M.

Moderate amount of customers


Odd Parking Arrangement


Disabled parking was right next to the building. The ramp was great, with a gentle slope, but was at an end of the sidewalk far from the door.  There was another ramp closer to the door, but it was in front of a parking space that is blocked if a car is in that space. The doors were a bit heavy, but my power wheelchair fit through one (without having to open the other).

The Dining Experience


We went straight to the back to be seated, as I won’t fit at the Luncheonette tables in the front room. We were seated almost immediately, with the hostess/waitress asking if that table was okay and removing one of the chairs to make room for me.  My power wheelchair is too high to fit under the table, which is normal. In my manual chair, it would have been fine. I had to pull up to the table at an angle, but there was still room for people to move through the aisle behind me.

Our waitress was nice, polite, and also efficient. My husband ordered an omelet breakfast.  I had a breakfast special of pancakes with strawberries, eggs, bacon, and home fries. It came within about 15 minutes and was hot, with everything just as we had ordered. Our waitress was VERY good.  She checked in enough to be helpful without being a pest and, of vital importance to my husband, she made sure he had enough coffee.


We left with my doggie bag (box) and full bellies. All around, it was a pretty good experience.

King's Family Restaurant Delmont






Store layout


Employee performance/Customer service


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