The #1 Mistake People Make Regarding Accessibility for the Disabled.

Wheelchair access

If you think of  the ADA at all, it's probably with a groan. Many employers and business owners feel at least inconvenienced, if not overwhelmed, by the various rules governing accessibility. It isn't surprising. Like everything else involving the government, the ADA confusing and over complicated. The answer is so obvious that most people never really think of it.

Think positively! Instead of thinking of accessibility as a set of requirements you have to wade through, why not look at it as an opportunity. Consider the possibilities of being able to say, ACCESS FOR ALL. Here are three reasons compliance should be the rule for brick and mortar businesses.

  1. Fewer barriers to entry means more customers. If a person in a wheelchair finds it easy to get into and navigate your store, so does everyone else. Grandma doesn't have to struggle with her walker. The skier on crutches scoots right in. Your business presents a more pleasant face to everyone. That translates into more people coming in your door.
  2. Wider, uncluttered aisles create a more pleasant shopping environment. Nobody wants to feel claustrophobic just trying shop. If you are concerned about displaying all your goods, it might be time to see if everything is actually selling well enough to bother stocking it at all. By evaluating your space and planning it to best display your products, you'll likely find that less is more.
  3. Knowledgeable and helpful staff means more informed choices and fewer returns. Remember the last time you went to buy something and couldn't find any help? How about going to the line of fifty registers to find three open with lines halfway through the store? Frustrating wasn't it? Evaluate your staffing requirements and make sure there enough people present. Make sure those people are knowledgeable regarding your products so that customers get what they want the first time.

Thinking of accessibility in this manner means that, more often than not, you'll comply without even trying. All of your customers will be happier and more likely to recommend you to others. Finally, you'll make more money with fewer returns.

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