The case for online ordering in your physical store

The trouble spots

You’ve done the research and you know what your customers want. Unfortunately, there is no way to put everything on display and still allow people to move around comfortably. Had you considered blending your online store and your physical one? Figuring out what to stock is a guessing game at best. You can look at past trends and try to figure out what’s hot, but if you miss the mark? Then you’re stuck with inventory that isn’t moving and taking up valuable space. In steps online ordering.

Online shopping has its own issues. Take my own recent experience. I have worn western boots for casual and work wear for around thirty years. I’ve mostly worn the same brand but they have been getting harder to find in local stores. So I shopped online. I still had a little trouble finding exactly what I wanted, but finally, I ordered a pair. Even though I have worn size 9D forever,  the pair of boots I got were just plain too big and I found I really didn’t like the look of them either. I ordered a different pair and couldn’t get my foot in them.

Now each time, I had to wait until they arrived, try them on, then deal with customer service to get a return label so I could haul them to UPS to send them back. Now I’m not sure what the heck to do other than hunt for another and order them or go to a store and take what I can get. Can you capitalize on this kind of experience? You bet you can.

What if you had online ordering?

If I could go to a store and look at different boots and try them on, The store could more easily carry one of each size in the back and have one display pair. If I wanted a different color, at least I know the style works for me. I’d happily order a pair or two and have them drop-shipped to my house. How much easier would stock become if you didn’t have to carry every color and size of every style? Have an associate with a tablet quickly order the items the customer wants and set up delivery.

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