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An attachment designed by an operator to increase efficiency and reduce injuries!

How many times have you watched a crew of laborers try to install sock on a slope? If you've had anything to do with environmental controls on a construction job, the answer is likely "A lot."

That means you know the difficulty involved including:

  • Keeping the sock in place per the prints.
  • Trying to keep from getting hurt by slipping and falling while the sock tries to roll over or under the installers.
  • Preventing damage and deformation of the sock while all this is going on.

Construction is dangerous enough.

Why not make it a little safer?

Dry 18 inch silt sock weighs about 35 pounds per foot and 24 inch is around 60! Once it gets rained on, the weight increases dramatically.

The Spooler eliminates the need to move sock by hand, vastly reducing the potential for injuries.

Imagine the overall organizational savings when you can nearly eliminate:

  • Strain injuries from lifting and moving filter sock.
  • Slip, trip, and fall injuries from transporting sock from the pallet or bag to the installation site.
  • Minor injuries from handling such as cuts and abrasions. These injuries are often not immediately reported until they are much worse.

With The Spooler, one laborer connects the sock to the lug on the drum. The sock is then wound off the pallet, carried by the machine to the installation site, and installed exactly where it is needed.

Laborers need not hold the sock in place because The Spooler unwinds only what is needed. This allows the sock to be staked in place without fighting the weight of the entire length.

Increase production, too!

Installation by hand is slow and dangerous. Even when you use a machine like a skid loader, stacks of sock can fall over which increases the chances of injury and installation time.

Almost 100% machine installation is just plain faster!

Just load the pallets of sock onto a truck and transport it to the installation site. The Spooler winds it onto the drum and puts it directly in place.

Every potential configuration is just plain easier with The Spooler. J-hooks can be created without double handling. Pyramids are a breeze because the machine does the lifting. Slopes can be slowly wound out and staked without stretching and deforming the sock.

Replacement is easier, too! Just wind up the damaged section and unwind into a dump truck or dumpster. Then install the new section in its place with no wasted material.

The potential for damage is almost eliminated!

You'll waste far less sock because of damage caused by dragging and stretching. Even if a stack falls over, The Spooler can easily wind it onto the drum.

The upside of preventing injuries alone would cover the cost of the attachment many times over!

I know how frustrating equipment failure can be. That's why I promise to cover repairs or replacement of the attachment due to defects in materials or workmanship for one year or 2000 hours.

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All contractors are not the same!

The Spooler isn't a one-dimensional product, either. Maybe you don't:

  • Install larger diameter filter sock.

We've got you covered! The Spooler can be specified for smaller sock and machine sizes.

  • Want to install with an excavator.

Units have been produced in a fully mechanical version that requires no hydraulics. We can also customize attachment options to fit the equipment of your choice.

  • Install filter sock at all.

The Spooler can install nearly any long, flexible material on almost any terrain. You can also use it as a light duty winch to pull large cables, wires, and smaller pipe through conduit or casing.

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